Institutional Presentation

Education and Training people are the most efficient and powerful tools to take on the challenges of the current context. The Business School of the Universidad Católica de Córdoba (ICDA), sets itself on the following dual dimension: Academic Demand and Social Responsibility.

Our main goal is to bring up mastery on our Professional’s through a comprehensive education, contemplated on a solid theoretical and practice training, which promotes making decisions in a responsible and conscious manner of its impact on the society.

Since its beginnings in 1967, this Business school develops degrees and study programs destined to executive, civil servants and professionals coming from the private and public sector as well as the civil society, strengthening the commitment with progress, competitiveness, efficiency, innovation and the continuous generation of economical, personal and collective value.

Mission and Founding Aim

ICDA, as a School of Business responds to the mission and objective found by the Universidad Católica de Córdoba :


The main goal of the University is to train Men of Science, Consciousness and Commitment, which is inspired on the Ignatian Ideal of the constant overcoming of all levels of demands. Consequently, Academic Excellence and Comprehensive Education are the cornerstones of the identity of a person.

Academic Excellence is supported by a meticulous selection of candidates in various majors, infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, modern teaching and learning methods based on small groups and broad contact with the student and current affairs through seminars, volunteer work, visits to companies and institutions, internships, research, conferences, and so on.

We aspire to be a University committed on building social order and fairness, by means of training competent graduates devoted to their own reality (teaching), producing socially relevant knowledge (research) and social impact (dissemination), with the intension of influencing public policies which can improve the quality of life particularly on underprivileged sectors of our society.

In order to achieve a Comprehensive Training, the Catholic University (UCC) has the following joint areas: Pedagogical Assistance, Health, Pastoral, Arts, Sports, Services and Training.

Founding Aim

The aim of the Universidad Católica de Córdoba is to search for truth and total promotion of men through the humanistic, social, scientific and professional training of their students, and by virtue of its teaching and high research as well as nurturing fine arts. In witness whereof, degrees and/or academic and professional diplomas will be awarded. It will serve the community according to its nature. Non-profit purposes. It will not impose discrimination based on religious orders of the students, but will reflect in the investigation and teachings of the Christian message as followed by the Catholic Church in the search of ecumenical truth. It will develop activities according to the principles of the National Constitution and their democratic and republican institutions of the Nation (Article 4th of the Academic Statute).


In 1967 after being moved by the enthusiasm and vision of Reverend Jean Sonet, sj, the first group of graduates of the School of Economics and the Administration of the Universidad Católica de Córdoba returned from an academic internship at the University of Leuven sponsored by the Belgian government, it was then that the first cornerstone of this 45 year-old project was established.

Deeply impresses by the performance of the advanced administration centers and companies existing at the University of Leuven, one of the first goals that Father Jean Sonet proposed to the scholarship holders during their stay in Belgium, was to study thoroughly its structure and functioning, so that once they returned to Córdoba they could suggest to the University in working in the creation of their own Institute oriented to the study management of private, public and civil society organizations.

In this way, the advanced studies in Business Administration - Cepade was born, today known as ICDA. And it was done with the clear and embracing task of strengthening not only the link between the academy and the company, but also introducing Management as an integration tool, essential for the efficient administration of organisms of the state of Cordoba and inner part of the country, in a context dominated by accounting impositions and legal matters.

Pioneers from the start, ICDA works every day with the responsibility of offering an innovative and qualified training proposal to their knowledgeable community according to the current present times. This commitment has been recognized internationally by the EdUniversal Ranking as one of the best Business schools in Argentina, and most importantly as a training institution of responsible people, their organizations and environment, each one of their researchers, professors, students and graduates who have gone through the University, in addition to whom ICDA may concern.

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